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Medical Products

  • Stinger Medical - Integrated Circuit used in mobile life support system
  • Scan Optics - Integrated Circuit used in ophthalmic microscope for cataract surgery
  • ECG Amplifier: OM1571 Hybrid - Monitors patient's heart condition by amplifying electric pulses produced by heart.
  • NAL Hearing Aid: OM846 Hybrid - 'Behind the ear' high-power, low-voltage hearing aid amplifier
  • Calaid Hearing Aid: OM1686 Hybrid - 'In-the-ear' hearing aid amplifier

Medical Products - ResMed

ResMed is a global leader in the development and manufacturing of medical products with a focus on sleep-disorder breathing.

Hendon Semiconductors supplied integrated circuit design (OM1682) and ceramic thick film hybrid technology.

  • Circuit test technology and failure mode analysis
  • Designed for sensitive medical environment
  • Model range: H2i, H3i, H4i, S6
  • Exported worldwide

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