Electronic Manufacturing Services

Electronic Manufacturing Services

Hendon Semiconductors is a specialist in the design and manufacture of microelectronic products

Hendon Semiconductors offers a full range of surface mount and through hole technology PCB assembly, including full functional testing with scalable production capability. Our capabilities and value add services including:

  • Process engineering
  • PCB manufacturing
  • Prototyping
  • Engineering advice and services
  • Conformal coating, laser marking and curing
  • Functional, assembly and configuration testing
  • Failure analysis and qualification
  • Procurement, supply chain management and project management

Hendon Semiconductors has over 60 years experience in linear integrated circuit design

Our capabilities include:

  • Bi-polar, BiCMOS, CMOS design technologies
  • Highly experienced design team
  • Specialists in interface, LED Drivers
  • Energy management, mains switching and temperature control
  • State of the art CAD design and simulation tools
  • Wafer fabrication, die packing and full testing capabilities
  • Expert application support group
  • Reliable and quality products and service

Our manufacturing facility is highly scalable

The Hendon Semiconductors manufacturing facility is highly scalable, allowing the manufacturing of small run highly technological based products, to be easily scaled upward to volumes exceeding hundreds of thousands of units. Operators are trained to IPC-610 and IPC-620 standards. We offer:

  • Some of the most advanced manufacturing facilities in Australia
  • Accurate High Speed PCB Assembly
  • Micro BGA and 0201 capabilities
  • Leaded and lead-free technologies and RoHS compliance
  • Skilled production staff
  • Analogue and digital test on circuits
  • Scalable facility

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