Thick Film Hybrid Technology

Thick Film Hybrid Technology

Thick Film Hybrid Technology

Hendon Semiconductors designs and manufactures thick film hybrids on a ceramic substrate

The advantage of ceramic hybrids over fiberglass printed circuit is their high reliability due to their inherent rugged construction

  • High reliability for mission critical and harsh environments
  • Low co-efficient of thermal expansion
  • Extended temperature range - over 150°c
  • Resistance against vibration
  • Ingress protection against moisture, dust and other contaminants
  • Circuitry can be epoxy coated for intellectual property protection (anti-tampering/ counterfeiting)

Alternately, this design can also be completed on printed circuit board (PCB).

Our service and technology offering

  • Surface mount circuit on ceramic thick film technology
  • Laser trimming
  • Circuit test technology
  • Failure mode analysis
  • Special design consideration for rugged and hard environment (Automotive, Defence)

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